The idea

The idea behind the Seafood Conference is to create a platform for everyone who is part of the seafood industry in Iceland to meet and exchange views. It includes those who are active in harvesting, farming, primary processing, further processing, marketing and sales, services, research, and development as well as the public sphere, teachers and students, media and other interested parties. Today we find all kind of seafood conferences and meetings but most of them are linked to individual companies, associations or subjects.


The Seafood Conference Iceland is a Ltd. company but not a lobby group, working towards specific interests. It‘s purpose is to hold an annual conference with the following aims:

  • Encourage professional and informative discussion about the seafood industry
  • To be a platform for communication between all those who are involved in the seafood industry in Iceland.

The Seafood Conference is for everyone!

The aim of the conference is to get together, in the same place, people from all parts of the industry to work towards process advances and growth in the industry. The Seafood Conference is a forum where people meet, establish new contacts, strengthen current ones and increase cooperation. During the conference, important subjects are analysed and discussed with the hope of creating new ideas that motivate and lead to innovations and improvements. Everyone who is interested in the seafood industry can get involved and become a shareholder, who are currently close to 100.

The organization

The annual meeting of the Seafood Conference Iceland elects a board which consists of 6 persons which also functions as the conference board. The board organizes and manages the execution of the conference. The board should preferably consist of people who represent the different fields of the seafood industry. In order to give members a chance to influence the agenda of conferences and secure renewal of the board, each member is only elected for two years and half of the board is renewed every year.

The Seafood Conference Iceland

The Seafood Conference Iceland is an annual two days conference for the seafood industry in Iceland. The first conference was held in 2010. It is funded by sponsors, advertisements and admission fees and it is neither linked to any one organization nor the government. The conference is set up of individual sessions, covering specific areas of the industry.

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