The Seafood Conference Iceland 2016: 24.-25. november – Harpa.

The Seafood Conference Iceland is an annual two days’ conference for the Seafood Industry in Iceland. The conference language is Icelandic. It consists of 14 sessions and 70 lectures. Some sessions are translated into English (blue). The program is as follows:

Thursday 24. November (10:30-17:00)
• Opening Session: The Seafood Industry and foreign policy. The President of Iceland opens the conference.
• Session A1: Sales and distribution of Icelandic fish in HORECA (foodservice)
• Session B1: Various examples of development in the Seafood Industry in Iceland
• Session C1: Innovations in fish technology and fish finding
• Session A2: Certification and its effect on sales of Icelandic seafood
• Session B2: Full utilization of fish into valuable products
• Session C2: Energy consumption and energy saving in Fishing

Reception 17:00

Friday 25. November (9:30-15:45)
• Session A3: Icelandic salmon farms in international competition
• Session B3: Trends in oil prices – threats and opportunities for Icelandic seafood industry
• Session C3: The fisherman’s Fishery Biology and Marine Research Institute
• Session A4: Icelandic salmon farms in international competition
• Session B4: Increased value in the pelagic industry
• Session C4: Development and future directions of whitefish technology
• Closing session: Status and opportunities in Whitefish markets


The Seafood Conference Iceland Agenda