The Seafood Conference Iceland 2018

15.-16. November in Harpa

The conference language is Icelandic. Some sessions are translated into English, marked with the English flag. The sessions is as follows:

Thursday 15. November (10:15-17:00)

Opening Session: Successful operation in the Seafood Industry
Session A1: The future of small boat operation in Iceland
Session B1: Design and working environment in the Groundfish processing
Session C1: Market Trends: The big picture
Session A2: Environments issues in the Seafood Industry
Session B2: Do certifications act as market access or barriers?
Session C2: Analysis of the Icelandic Seafood Industry


Reception 17:00

Friday 16. November (08:30-16:00)

Session A3: Student Affairs: Opportunities in Education and Work – What route I take?
Session B3: Solutions for decision making in the Seafood Industry
Session C3: Session for Saltfish producer 
Session A4: Iceland leading the way?
Session B4: Solutions for decision making in the Seafood Industry
Session C4: Status and trends of the most important Groundfish markets 
Session A5: Pelagic fishing in time of climate change
Session B5: Future technology
Session C5: Origin and environmental issues – Forces coming into purchasing of seafood products 
Closing session: Marketing and branding Iceland