The Seafood Conference Iceland 2019

7.-8. November in Harpa

The conference language is Icelandic, with some English sessions and lectures.

The following sessions on Seafood Conference Iceland 2019:

  • The Icelandic Seafood Industry – Where will it be 20 years from now?
  • Gaping/soft fish flesh is human doing
  • Worldwide Online shopping of Icelandic fish (some lectures in English)

    Remote Electronic Monitoring (English session)

  • Promotions from the Icelandic Seafood´s Service Industry (sponsored presentation)
  • Research and Development in the Seafood Industry. Importance for country and nation
  • Packaging for Seafood – Sustainability and Quality preservation
  • Energy consumption and energy sources in the Fisheries sector
  • The importance of origin (English session)
  • The importance of Fish Auction Markets and how do we ensure Supply for the future
  • Environmentally friendly Trawl fishing
  • Student presentations of projects from Seafood Industry-related studies (some lectures in English)
  • The future is now
  • “Shared fisheries, challenges and solutions for Sustainability” (English session)
  • Begin with the end in Mind – Is there a Market for new ideas?
  • Is the Icelandic fishing industry interested in being an ACTIVE participant in fisheries research? (English session)

 The Seafood Conference Iceland program 2019