The Seafood Conference Iceland 2017

16.-17. November in Harpa

The conference language is Icelandic. Some sessions are translated into English, marked with the English flag. The sessions is as follows:

Thursday 16. November (10:15-17:00)

Opening Session: Is it possible to fivefold the export value of the “blue” economy? 
Session A1: Safety at sea
Session B1: Future of fresh fish processing 
Session C1: Buyers’ requirements for Information – are we doing enough?
Session A2: Basic and analyzed research for the seafood industry
Session B2: Information technology in the seafood industry 
Session C2: Latest development and future vision of quality in seafood


Reception 17:00

Friday 17. November (9:30-15:30)

Session A3: Intellectual property rights in the seafood industry – Why protect intellectual property?
Session B3: Packaging and their impact on the environment 
Session C3: Education in the seafood industry
Session A4: Intellectual property rights in the seafood industry – How to protect intellectual property?
Session B4: Market barriers and new markets 
Session C4: The fourth Industrial Revolution – Seafood industry
Closing session: Fisheries management systems and resource fees, practices around word